About Us

Your Outside Life evolved from a need to see what we wanted more of in this world: Ethical, Environmentally Friendly, Supporting good causes, And Shouting from the mountain tops how valuable and important our Outside world is!

As a gal who loves the outdoors, seeing the detriment done to our environment daily is heartbreaking. Not to mention the destructive practices done to our fellow humans. Individual choices matter, but our mindset is more important to make broader changes with more widespread impacts. A mind that is opened to the idea that our outside world matters will be ready to make change. Supporting and sharing this mindset can help shift policies to reduce the big causes of climate change and financial inequity. 

So... I started a small biz with core ethics that embody more of what we need in the world - treat people well, use quality environmentally friendly products, be creative, help one another, and take care of the earth we live on.

A quick about me: I am an adventurer at heart with a love of the outdoors. And I'm not talking about the outdoors as a far off land, I mean right out your back door! Your front yard, back yard, local park, sidewalks, farmers markets, hiking trails, little creeks, big rivers, lakes, etc are all my jam. I'm trying to share the love of the outdoors with my two kiddos, trying to extract the love of outside from my dog, and bask in it all with my husband. 

I'm really out here trying to build something good that we can all be a part of. 

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