Avy's Sunshine Kite Festival

Main Event is in Dallas: 
Celebrate your lost loved ones together. 
June 22, 2024 
Location: Old City Park (1515 S. Harwood, Dallas TX)
Free Parking!
Time: 10am-2pm

Celebrate your lost loved ones by decorating a kite with your loving messages and fly them high in the sky.

Kites and paint sticks, water - provided. 

Activities for kids and adults! Face painting, games, art, and more!

*Donations accepted on site to help build a playground in the Cedars in honor of our gone-too-soon Avy. 

*Event inspired by the Sumpango Kite Festival in Guatemala

*Opportunities to participate near and far! 

Celebrate your loved ones who are gone by flying a message filled kite for them while helping to raise money for a needed playground in honor of our gone-to-soon daughter Aveline (Avy). To celebrate Avy’s birthday which is on June 24th we wanted to engage in some of her favorite things, embrace talking about our gone loved ones, send them flying kite messages, and help raise money for the playground. 

There are many ways for you to participate in the Sunshine Kite Festival near and far!  Choose below to join us spreading sunshine and honoring our loved ones. Check out below:

Join us in person! 

We are hosting a Kite Flying celebration in honor of all our loved ones no longer with us, on Saturday June 22, 2024 from 10am-2pm at Old City Park in the Cedars, Dallas, Texas. Just bring yourself and we will have a kite for you to decorate with your messages and fly away! Event activities keep getting added so come be part of this Festival! If you want to host an activity or booth or anything, reach out and let us know. 
*Also still looking for sponsors so please reach out!

Join us from Anywhere!

  1. Let us decorate your Kite with your loved one! Donate $10 to build the playground and include your gone loved ones name and message you’d like on a kite and we will decorate a kite for you with your message and fly it that day! We can’t wait to see all the kites flying in your loved ones honor! Click here to donate $10 and have your loved ones name/message you'd like drawn on a kite for you!
  2. Fly Where You Are! Can’t make it to Dallas, no worries, you can still join us! You can decorate your own kite to fly in your neighborhood or local park or buy one from us to fly. Just get outside and tag us in your videos and pictures! #ASKF2024
  3. Order a 3 pack or 10 pack of kites sent to your house and "host" your own satellite Sunshine Kite Festival! Click here for to get your kites delivered to your door

Want to support this event but can’t do any of the above? 

Listen, everyone who wants to be part of this Sunshine Tribe is in. We want all of you to embrace and share the pure sunshine Avy had inside. Here are some other ways you can support us: 

  • Like, Comment, Share our social media posts on @ YourOutsideLife 
  • Share this event online and in person - just chat about it!
  • Shoot, you can even do your own Kite gathering in your area on the same day! Talk about warming our little hearts. :) Contact us if you need us to send you kites!! 
  • Donate to the Avy’s Memorial Playground GoFundMe 
  • Buy anything off of YourOutsideLife.com because all proceeds go to building a playground! 
  • Know any developers/contacts/nonprofits in Dallas who would love to partner on this project? Reach out and let’s get in touch. cedarsplayground@gmail.com 


There is a Avy's Sunshine Kite Festival Raffle with some awesome prizes - a tattoo session, awesome painting, Yeti cooler, Stanley cups, packages, and more! Check out the Raffle page and get your tickets now! 

You can Join the raffle from anywhere - Drawing will be held on the YourOutsideLife Instagram page the day after the event and we will ship items! 

Avy's Sunshine Kite Festival Raffle Page 

Important Links


Here's our current list of partners for the event. We love our community! 


The main event is in the Cedars neighborhood in Dallas, Texas but we have some satellite events! If you want to host a satellite event or have any questions please email us at cedarsplayground@gmail.com or support@youroutsidelife.com 

Amarillo Satellite Event Info 

Join us at the Ronald McDonald House in Amarillo for kite flying! Yes You can join the Raffle from anywhere! 
June 22, 2024 from 10am-2pm! 



Arkansas Satellite Event Info:

June 22, 2024 from 10am-12pm at Ozark Natural Science Center. Come plant a tree for Avy and fly some kites for your lost loved ones!